Turn your 3D data into a story

3D visualization, powered by your data.

Capture your data's story as it unfolds

Our platform brings 3D visualization into the cloud. Collaborate with your team together in one place.

Layer multiple data types

Layer multiple data types

Your data have multiple layers of information. Steno3D allows you to input multiple data from multiple sources into one place from any device.

Connect your data seamlessly

Connect your data seamlessly

Upload your data in minutes to our platform with one of our client libraries. Access your data instantly.

Centralize everything in one place

Centralize everything in one place

Bring your data into Steno3D. Visualize your 3D models right in your browser. Save everything in the cloud. Access from any device, anywhere.

Reduce collaboration barriers

Reduce collaboration barriers

Share your models by inviting team members to collaborate via shareable links. You determine the permissions your collaborators will have by viewing or editing the model.

Discussing your 3D models just got easier

Collaborate with your team on a whiteboard. Capture conversations, ideas, and perspectives in one place. Only your collaborators can see what has been discussed.

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Are you doing important research on a problem? Do you want to strut your scientific stuff? Steno3D offers a showcase for your work and lets your findings be part of the solution. Check out what our community is up to.

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Uploading your data to Steno3D is simple and straightforward, using tools you already love.

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Our growing libraries allow you to upload your data to Steno3D. Our Python and MATLAB libraries can help you build and visualise robust 3D models on the web. Our Python tool can be used with Jupyter Notebooks as well.


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